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Our Thoughts

Problems can not be solved using  the same     paradigms which created them 

Albert Einstein (The founder of relativity theory)

While Turkish Economy is preparing for its new role in the new milennium, our companies :

  • Have to be prepared and deal with increasing world competition,
  • Have to improve management capabilities, by renewing management approach and redesigning managerial process,
  • Adapt a longer term visions to form a better future.

Companies and systems have to be restructured by their managers and owners through new approach:

The basics of our new approach is:

  • Enterpreneurship , must be supported by professional / participative management,
  • Systems must use the resources in most efficient manner,
  • Restructuring of companies must be supported by qualified expertise.

Entrepreneur and efficient companies, with better management systems will have sustainable competitive advantage in the long run. They will be successful and profitable in the future.

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